ZiLOG Design Contest 2006 for 16-Bit ZNEO Z16F Microcontroller Family

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On Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sep 27, 2006. Following the unveiling today of its first 16-bit family of New ZNEO Z16F, ZiLOG, Inc.has also announced details of a design contest for this new product family and extended an open invitation for entries to enthusiasts and design engineers

The design contest, which runs until November 27th 2006, is co-sponsored by one of ZiLOG’s leading distributors, Mouser Electronics, and
offers cash prizes of $US 2,000, $US 1,000 and $US 500 for first, second and
third place respectively. In addition there will be runners up prizes of
limited edition ZNEO t-shirts. The winners will be announced on January 15,
and their designs featured on ZiLOG’s website.

“ZiLOG has a long and successful history of design contests and
interaction with the global design community. It’s always exciting to see the
range of amazing ideas and designs that this varied community, which in the
past has included home enthusiasts, university teams as well as full time
engineers, come up with. With the ZNEO design contest, we are looking for the
best showcase designs using this new embedded MCU and brings a balance of
technical excellence, practicality and creativity,” said ZiLOG CTO Dr.
Norman Sheridan. “We are seeking the most innovative ideas that best leverage
the features and performance of the ZNEO MCU.”

To help with entrants’ designs, Mouser are offering a fully-equipped
contest design kit priced at $US 49.95, which includes a hardware development
platform, ZiLOG’s ZDSII development software, and online sample applications.
To order a design kit, log onto www.mouser.com and enter ‘zneoctk0100kit’ in
the search bar. To enter the design contest, interested parties first need to
register online at www.zilog.com/zneo and from there follow the simple
instructions regarding the submission of entry files. Full terms and
conditions, as well as a comprehensive FAQ section can also be found on this

ZNEO 16F Flash MCU key features

  • 16-bit CPU optimized for near single cycle instruction execution
    yielding 20 MIPS at 20 MHz;
  • Large zero wait time internal Flash and RAM support today’s controller
  • Powerful math functions, 32-bit ALU and 16-bit bus for high-performance;
  • Compiler-friendly instruction set for compact code;
  • Rich array of peripherals and analog functions make ZNEO suitable for a
    variety of applications — from security panels to motor control.

ZNEO 16F Contest Kit contents

  • Hardware:
    • ZNEO Z16F Series Contest Board;
    • USB Smart Cable for PC to Board;
    • 5VSDC power supply.
  • Software:
    • ZDSII ZNEO 16F IDE with ANSI C-Compiler;
    • Sample code;
    • Document browser.

In addition full documentation is included on a CD-ROM, for example, quick
start guide, contest kit user manual, ZDSII IDE user manual and product brief,
amongst others.

About ZiLOG, Inc.

ZiLOG, Inc. Founded in 1974, ZiLOG won international acclaim for designing
one of the first architectures in the microprocessors and microcontrollers
industry. Today, ZiLOG is a leading global supplier of 8-bit micro logic
devices. It designs, manufactures and markets a broad portfolio of devices for
embedded control and communication applications used in consumer electronics,
home appliances, security systems, point of sales terminals, personal computer
peripherals, as well as industrial and automotive applications. ZiLOG is
headquartered in San Jose, California, and employs approximately 500 people
worldwide with sales offices throughout Asia, Europe and North America. For
more information about ZiLOG and its products, visit the Company’s website at:

NOTE: ZiLOG, Z8 Encore! and ZNEO are trademarks or registered trademarks
of ZiLOG, Inc. in the United States and in other countries. Other product and
or service names mentioned herein may be trademarks of the companies with
which they are associated.


CONTACT: Stew Chalmers of Positio Public Relations, +1-408-453-2400, or

stew@positio.com, for ZiLOG, Inc.

Web site: http://www.mouser.com

Web site: http://www.zilog.com (ZILG)

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