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Embedded Systems focus on collecting, compiling and publishing the news, articles and references about embedded systems, including microcontrollers, hardware and software development tools, modules, devices and circuits.

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Our Partners:




Dontronics is an Australian-based company that sells microcontroller modules, development boards and tools, escpecially for Microchip (PIC) and Atmel (AVR) microcontrollers.


Embedded Computing Design

Embedded Computing Design is your resource for the latest
news, engineering methods, products, and tools necessary for design of small
embedded modules to your distributed, large-scale embedded systems.


ArmKits.Com review

Embest Info&Tech Co.,LTD., is a global provider of embedded
hardware and software. Embest provides comprehensive services to specify,
develop and produce products and help customers to implement innovative
technology and product features. Progressing from prototyping to the final
product within a short timeframe and thus shorten the time to market, and to
achieve the lowest production costs possible.


PenguinPPC.Org review is the home for Linux on the PowerPC family of processors. The penguinppc site is maintained by a small group of community volunteers representing a wide range of projects and distributions.


Electronic Component Distributor review

H&R ENTERPRISES Inc. World Wide Distributors. Supplier of hard to find, discontinued, obsolete and suplus electronic component parts.


Offshore Software Development review

Ardent is a leading provider of trusted software development services to small scale, large scale and mid size enterprises in all over India, UK and USA.


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