MB86065 High Speed DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) from Fujitsu

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On Saturday, December 9, 2006

Afted the sucessful of MB86064 High Speed DAC (1GSa/s ), the winner of the 2003 European Electronics Awards, Component Product of the Year, Fujitsu on 5 Dec 2006, announced the new MB86065 14-bit 1.3GSa/s DAC. The significant increase in conversion rate to 1.3GSa/s enables direct-IF frequencies to be pushed – and guaranteed – above 400MHz, widening the resulting spurious-free generating region and relaxing subsequent filtering requirements.

The commercial impact of this on end-applications is significant. Through reduced overall design effort, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is lowered, and the acknowledged benefit of faster time-to-market (TTM) realised.

"This latest announcement is a demonstration of Fujitsu’s sustained lead in DAC technology and its application to support the increasing commoditisation of communications infrastructure equipment", said Neil Amos, FME’s Senior Director of Engineering.

The device is backwards compatible with the ‘DAC A’ channel of MB86064 and integrates the same pioneering Waveform Memory Module (WMM). The WMM enables waveforms to be downloaded and executed on-chip, which for device test & evaluation alleviates the need for a high-speed data generator.

Similarly, the MB86065 continues to offer the best solution to system partitioning when combined with digital pre-processing implemented using the latest 65nm ASIC or FPGA technology. In particular, reprogrammable implementations enable flexibility without impacting the system performance-defining mixed signal component. "A system that does not require substantial re-design of analogue circuitry and any associated calibration algorithms, such as I&Q gain & phase compensation, to address different frequency & carrier requirements, delivers significant development savings across a product portfolio and ultimately lowers total cost of ownership," commented Paul Maddox, Technical Marketing Manager for FME’s Mixed Signal Division.

Fujitsu also provides a wide range of system design solutions from its Mixed Signal Division in Maidenhead, UK, where the product was developed. The development of this market-leading device reflects the company’s position as the technology leader in high performance digital to analogue converters.

The MB86065 is housed in a Fujitsu enhanced fine-pitch ball grid array (EFBGA) package. This 120-ball variant measures 12 x 12mm. Customer development kits and sample devices will be available at the beginning of 2007. Mass Production is scheduled for April 2007. Budgetary pricing is US$ 34 for 10kpcs.

Source: Fujitsu

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