IDT3C02 CMOS Oscillator Replaces Quartz Crystal

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On Thursday, October 21, 2010

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) today announced the IDT3C02 accurate CMOS oscillator. IDT3C02 CMOS oscillator achieves a 100ppm total frequency error across temperature, voltage and other factors. The IDT3C02 oscillator can replace quartz crystal-based oscillators with a monolithic CMOS IC without relying on a piezo-electric or mechanical resonator. The oscillating frequency is factory programmable from 6 to 133 MHz. IDT3C02 is specifically designed to work with next-gen data communication and connectivity interfaces and data storages.


IDT3C02 CMOS Oscillator
IDT3C02 CMOS Oscillator

IDT3C02 CMOS oscillator consumes less than 2.5mA (unloaded, typical), while delivering -140dBc/Hz phase noise at 1MHz offset from carrier. The IDT3C02 consume a 200nA (typical) low power stand-by mode, and fast start-up time of 100us (typical).

IDT3C02 is Built on a standard CMOS process, it utilizes a programmable architecture and supports various configuration options to suit a broad range of applications. Perhaps most critical among these options is the frequency of operation, which is programmed by the factory.

IDT3C02 CMOS oscillator is currently sampling. The chip is offered in standard quartz crystal-compatible package of 5×3.2mm with thin-profile MSL1 plastic IC packaging. Price: $0.73 each in 1K unit qty.

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