Freescale announces MM912F634, Integrated S12 Based Relay Driver with LIN

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On Thursday, October 21, 2010

Freescale announced the availability of MM912F634 family, the latest addition to Freescale’s S12-based intelligent distributed control (IDC) family. The MM912F634 is a network-enabled controller for automotive applications that integrates an HCS12 microcontroller and a SMARTMOS analog control IC into a single package.

MM912F634 S12 Based Relay Driver with LIN
Freescale MM912F634 Integrated S12 Based Relay Driver with LIN

The analog die combines System Basis Chip (SBC) functionality and application specific functions, which include a Local Interconnect Network (LIN) transceiver, relay drivers a DC motor current sense circuit, and a selection of high and low side digital I/O. Control of the analog die is via a new high performance internal Die to Die interface (D2D), which seamlessly integrates the analog IC registers into the MCU registermap, to provide faster access than SPI based systems.

Product features:

  • Freescale’s high-performance 16-bit S12 CPU with 32kb flash memory and 2k RAM;
  • An internal RC oscillator, two autonomous window watchdogs with dedicated oscillators and a real-time interrupt module;
  • Cascaded low-drop-out voltage regulators (5V and 2.5V) with fault detection and low-voltage reset (LVR) circuitry;
  • LIN 2.1 physical layer interface;
  • Two protected low-side outputs to drive inductive loads, two protected high-side outputs, six high-voltage inputs (shared digital and analog inputs, with wake-up capability);
  • Battery voltage sense with low-battery warning, reverse battery protection, configurable cyclic sense and a forced wake-up feature;
  • Current sense module with selectable gain;
  • Chip temperature sensor (readable via ADC channel);
  • Hall sensor supply implemented as switchable 18V voltage regulator;
  • Six digital (5V) general purpose input/output shared with SPI, three 5V digital/2.5V analog I/Os shared with 16-bit Timer, 2-channel PWM, 10-bit ADC and SCI with selectable pull-up resistor per terminal.

Price of MM912F634 starts at $4.07 for 10K unit qty.

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