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On Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The new TI’s DaVinci DM37x Video Processors (TMS320DM3730 and TMS320DM3725) is powered by 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 and 800MHz C64x+ DSP core, and have integrated 3D graphics processor (DM3730 only), imaging and video accelerator (IVA), USB 2.0, MMC/SD memory card, UART and many more. DaVinci DM3730 and DM3725 Video Processors are pin-to-pin compatible with Sitara AM37x devices and software compatible with the OMAP35x processors. Customers moving to the DM3730 from the OMAP3530 can look forward to a 50 percent increase in ARM performance, a 40 percent increase in DSP performance, double the graphics performance and uses approximately 40 percent less power.

TMS320DM3730 and TMS320DM3725 Video Processors
TI’s DM3730 and DM3725 Video Processors

The DaVinci DM37x’ 800MHz C64x+ DSP and hardware video accelerator enable audio and HD 720p video decoding and encoding independent of the ARM processor. The programmable DSP engine allows multiple signal processing tasks such as image processing and analysis, digital filtering, and math functions. DaVinci DM3730 and DM3725 Video Processors are suitable for 720p HD (High Definition) video applications which require large amount of data processing, inluding portable communications, portable data terminals, test and measurement, navigation systems, gaming, media players, home automation, medical imaging, human interface, medical patient monitoring devices, industrial control, and single board computers.

Video Processors
TI’s DM3730 and DM3725 Video Processors – Block Diagram


Key features and benefits of TI’s DaVinci DM37x Video Processors:

  • Up to 800-MHz C64x + DSP and IVA video accelerator supports up to 720p video decoding and encoding for multimedia applications
  • Flexible, fully programmable DSP engine accelerates a variety of signal processing tasks including FFT, digital filtering and image analysis
  • Up to 1-GHz ARM Cortex-A8 with NEON co­processor delivering up to 2000 Dhrystone million instructions per second (MIPS)
  • Multiple operating points allow for application optimization (power/performance)
  • Low power operation ideal for handheld end products
  • Support packages for Linux, and Windows Embedded compatible with previous processors including OMAP35x and AM37x application processors
  • TI-provided software development kit includes audio/video decoders and encoders
  • Multiple device packages optimized for space and layout flexibility
  • Key peripherals: USB HS Host ×2, USB 2.0 OTG, MMC/SD card interface ×3, 1.8-V input/output and display subsystem with LCD controller and video encoder with composite and S-video support
  • Display subsystem with picture-in-picture, color space conversion, rotation and resizing support provides flexibility to connect to LCD display for vibrant, crisp and high-resolution images
  • 3-D graphics engine enables fluid, complex 3-D rendering, picture-perfect graphics and increased graphical user interface (GUI) capabilities based on Imagination Technology’s PowerVR SGX graphics accelerator
    • Up to 20 million triangles per second 3-D graphics performance
    • OpenGL ES 2.0 compliant
  • Industrial temperature options (–40 to 105°C) allow customers to operate in harsh development environments ranging from sub­freezing temperatures to extreme heat while not requiring a heatsync or fan


Development tools for TI’s DaVinci DM3730 and DM3725 Video Processors

To accelerate time to market and minimizing development costs, TI offers TMDXEVM3730 EVM (evaluation module), which includes a TI Bluetooth WiFi module. The SDK (software development kit) includes Linux kernel 2.6.32 board support package complete with graphical user interface, graphics, applications, demonstrations and development utilities. The SDK also offers a royalty-free library of DSP-optimized signal processing algorithms accessible from the ARM processor through a set of easy-to-use application programming interfaces (APIs). The DSP library contains more than 80 algorithms, including multi-media decoders and encoders, math functions, digital filtering including Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), and image processing including image filtering and analysis.

Support for the Linux and Android operating systems is available today. Windows CE support will be available in fourth quarter of this year.

Customers may also develop on the BeagleBoard-xM, a low-cost, open-source community board equipped with the DaVinci DM3730 Video Processor.


Pricing and Availability of DaVinci DM3730 and DM3725 Video Processors

The DaVinci DM3730 Video Processor will be available for purchase starting at $25.60 each in 1K unit qty. The TMDXEVM3730 evaluation module is available for $1,495.

For more information about TI’s DaVinci DM3730 and DM3725 Video Processor, go to www.ti.com.


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