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On Friday, June 6, 2008

CSR has introduced its new BlueCore7 Bluetooth chip. BlueCore7 adds
wireless-related connectivity features into mobile devices. Combining Bluetooth
, enhanced GPS (eGPS)FM radio reception and transmission, and
Bluetooth low energy [previously known as ULP (Ultra Low Power) Bluetooth or Wibree]
in a single-chip, enables developer to build new creative applications in
wireless mobile communication, entertainment, and navigation. BlueCore7
Bluetooth SoC will be in volume
production in Q4 2008.

Bluetooth Chip

CSR BlueCore7 Bluetooth Chip

Matthew Phillips, CSR, Said:

BlueCore7 is a truly intelligent new architecture that integrates more
wireless technologies on a single chip than any other product on the market.
Building upon our strengths in Bluetooth and our expertise in embedded wireless
technologies, BlueCore7 delivers a robust and comprehensive solution that boasts
the industry’s leading power and performance figures… We have seen high demand
from our customers for Bluetooth, GPS and FM functionality, coupled with an
industry need to keep cost, size and power consumption of embedding such
technologies to a minimum. CSR’s core focus is and always has been in embedded
wireless connectivity and due to customer demand we have now developed a
connectivity centre that reduces the complexity of integrating multiple radios
into mobile phones and other consumer portable electronic devices…

Integration of more wireless technologies into its Bluetooth subsystem
enables designers to increase functionality of their end products. CSR’s wireless connectivity value centre within a handset is
the ideal place to integrate new technologies including GPS and FM transmit.
BlueCore7 is a low cost robust solution to allow designers to incorporate
must-have functionality quickly and easily.

Key functions of BlueCore7 Bluetooth chip:

  • A Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR radio delivering +10dBm output and -93dBm
  • An AuriStream voice CODEC that can provide fixed line call quality to a
    Bluetooth headset, and able to reduce power consumption up to 30%.
  • A Bluetooth low energy radio – very low-power mode for handsets when
    communicating with devices such as watches, training shoes, TV remote
    controls, etc.
  • Enhanced GPS, a revolutionary platform for integrating universal
    positioning capability into handsets, offering fast and reliable positioning
    data – even deep indoors – with minimal impact on battery life
  • An FM radio receiver and short-range transmitter. The transmitter can
    stream audio such as MP3 files to an FM receiver (with track names via RDS).
  • Inbuilt speaker drivers also allow users to connect headphones directly to
    the device.

Bluetooth v2.1+EDR delivers greater simplicity of
use, combined with lower power consumption and enhanced security. v2.1
compatible products will be backward compatible with older Bluetooth devices
(back to version 1.1). Key features of Bluetooth v2.1+EDR:

  • Secure Simple Pairing
  • Longer battery life
  • Extended Inquiry Response

Bluetooth low energy  uses fewer frequencies to make connections while retaining
the proven robustness of Bluetooth. This means BlueCore7 with Bluetooth low
energy takes less time to connect than conventional Bluetooth and results in
lower power consumption when connectable. Because of its small incremental
impact in terms of silicon area, power requirements and the simplicity of the
technology itself, Bluetooth low energy opens a whole new class of connectivity
options for Bluetooth across a wide range of product segments whilst benefiting
from the mass adoption of Bluetooth, the highly interoperable parent technology.

is a new approach in making location based technologies a viable
proposition for mobile handsets. By sharing resources with the Bluetooth radio
and leveraging memory and processing already available on the host platform, CSR
has reduced the cost and made significant power and performance improvements
necessary for embedding GPS functionality into a mobile handset. eGPS allows GSM/3G
mobile network users to get fast and reliable positioning data and has minimal
impact on battery life.

GPS in Bluetooth Chip

CSR’s BlueCore7 eGPS Features

Key features of BlueCore7 eGPS includes:

  • Faster fixes – positioning on demand, without the wait of GPS or A-GPS
  • Fallback positioning – accurate positioning indoors, when GPS
    signals are unavailable
  • Tiny, consumes minimal power, simple to embed.

BlueCore7 allows the Bluetooth and FM radios to work without interference,
either independently or together to allow users to stream FM radio from a
handset to a pair of Bluetooth headphones. The FM receiver of this chip boasts
-110dBm of sensitivity and offers a high maximum output power of +4.5dBm.

For faster time to market. CSR offers development boards for the three BGA,
WLCSP, CSP BlueCore7 packages. These development boards plug into the Casira
development system
. Development software support includes:

  • BlueSuite – for HCI/RFCOMM interfaced applications including drivers,
    data/voice/file transfer set up, tests
  • BTCli (Bluetooth client) – a PC based application controlling the device’s
    Bluetooth functionality
  • FMCli (FM client) – a PC based application controlling the device’s FM
    radio functionality

Bluetooth Development Tools

CSR’s BlueCore7 Bluetooth Development Board

More information of BlueCore7 Bluetooth SoC can be found at
CSR website.

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