Atmel ATA6614 LIN SiP, AVR Microcontroller with LIN Transceiver

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On Thursday, October 21, 2010

Atmel introduced ATA6614 LIN automotive networking solution packed in System-in-Package (SiP). ATA6614 LIN (Local Interconnect Netwoh the Atmel QTouch, allowing implementation of button, slider and wheel touch in LIN automotivrk) SiP is a combination of Atmel ATmega328P picoPower AVR Microcontroller and ATA6630 LIN System Basis Chip (SBC) including LIN transceiver and 5V regulator. ATA6614 LIN SiP is compatible wite applications.

AVR Microcontroller with LIN Transceiver
Atmel ATA6614 LIN SiP, AVR Microcontroller with LIN Transceiver

Features of ATA6614 LIN SiP:

  • Master and Slave Operation Possible
  • Supply Voltage up to 40V
  • Operating voltage VS = 5V to 27V
  • Typically 10µA Supply Current During Sleep Mode
  • Typically 40µA Supply Current in Silent Mode
  • Linear Low-drop Voltage Regulator:
    • Normal, Fail-safe, and Silent Mode
      • VCC = 5.0V ±2%
    • In Sleep Mode VCC is Switched Off
  • VCC- Undervoltage Detection at Open Drain Output PVCC_UV
  • High-speed Mode Up to 115kBaud
  • Internal 1:6 Voltage Divider for VBattery Sensing
  • Boosting the Voltage Regulator Possible with an External NPN Transistor
  • LIN Physical Layer According to LIN 2.0, 2.1 and SAEJ2602-2
  • Wake-up Capability via LIN-bus, Wake Pin, or Kl_15 Pin
  • INH Output to Control an External Voltage Regulator or to Switch off the Master Pull Up Resistor
  • Bus Pin is Overtemperature and Short-circuit Protected versus GND and Battery
  • Advanced EMC and ESD Performance
  • Fulfills the OEM “Hardware Requirements for LIN in Automotive Applications Rev.1.1″
  • Interference and Damage Protection According ISO7637
  • Package: QFN 5mm × 5mm with 20 Pins

Samples of the new LIN IC ATA6614 are now available in small 7x7mm QFN48 7x7mm packages. Pricing starts at US $1.89 for 10k-piece quantities.

More information on the Atmel LIN ATA6614 devices is available at:

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